t seva
Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao Garu
Hon'ble Chief Minister Government of Telangana launching the Swarna Telangana – T Seva Centre Project

t seva
Sri K. Taraka Rama Rao Garu,
Hon'ble Minister to Panchayat Raj & Information Technology, Telangana State Launching the Swarna Telangana – T Seva Centre Project
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Frequently Asked Questions About T Seva Franchise
  • 1. What is T Seva Centre?
    • T Seva Centre is an initiative of PACE Group, A 23 years well known name in the field of Computer/IT, Vocational Skill Development Training with about 1400 franchise centres throughout India. T Seva Centre is a Unit of Bharat Seva Centre LLP A brain child of Mr. Venkat Reddy an entrepreneur to provide a whole world of opportunities for self-employment with downstream activities.
  • 2. Is T Seva is Govt organization
    • T Seva centre is a private organization which is a Unit of Bharat Seva Centre Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. (LLP Identification Number AAF-1650, Registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India)
  • 3. Who are eligible to get T Seva Franchisee?
    • Any Individual /Group / Organization willing to invest with T Seva Centre franchise to open fully automated Quality Service Provider and One Stop All Shop Local Solution Facilitator.
  • 4. What are the requirements to start T Seva centres?
    • • 100-300 sqft shop/office area on ground floor depending upon the location selected. (Owned / Rented)
      • Residential area with good density of population
      • Investment in the range of 2 – 5 lakhs depending upon City/ Dist/ Mandal/ Town For T Seva setup
      (Computers, printer, Interior and infrastructure etc).
      • Total devotion to customer service
      • Focused, working for the sake of customers, employees and family.
  • 5. What are the services available through T Seva Franchise?
    • T Seva Centre provides 500+ services assistance at customer door steps for all kinds of household chores, bill payments, business, travel, ticketing, accommodation, technical, transportation, communication, property, rental, courier, computer, documentation, and entertainment, supply, community services and online shopping. T Seva Centre also offers social, educational, matrimony, astrology, Event management, Catering, employment, self employment and wellness services through Individual trained and experienced professionals, merchants (Individual professionals/Freelancers/Online/Offline service providers/ workers/vendors/ Shops/ Companies) and consultants all over Telangana State. T Seva Services assistance is depends upon the T Seva franchise, merchants availability in the respective areas.
  • 6. What are the products available through T Seva Franchise?
    • T Seva Centre provides 1000+ online/offline products delivery at customer door steps. Products will be picked up from registered T Seva merchants (Shops/ vendors / Companies/Dealers/Distributors/Manufactures/E-commerce portals) and will be delivered to the customers of respective T Seva centres. T Seva prodcuts delivery/pickup is depends upon the availability of T Seva franchisee or merchants in the respective areas.
  • 7. What are the befits for the customers through T Seva centre?
    • • Great selection, Low prices, speedy delivery, Handyman for all home services & Online Shopping. • Q-LINK – Quick and easy access up to 500 listed service providers/merchants and Hundreds of Product categories. • Each service head with Hundreds of service providers and Thousands of product suppliers. • Each product category to have several Brand suppliers. • Each service to be provided with customer testimonials in due course for Reliability and satisfaction of service. • Localized low price High Quality Service on a CALL or Press of BUTTON. • No long quest and waiting for hours for any service – scheduled appointment keeps a fixed time and reduces wastage of time in search of provider, waiting for appointment and waiting till call, energy, worry and anxiety.
  • 8. Why customers will use the T seva services or how we will reach them?
    • T Seva Provides one stop solutions for all the services on just a phone call or by service request from online. Customer no need to wait for hours to pay utility bills or no need to go here and there for any kinds for certifications.The registered merchants at T Seva will handle all kinds of service request, and the customer will need to attend only at the process as required.
  • 9. What are the befits for the Franchise through T Seva centre?
    • • Low investment high return business
      • Sets up ONE STOP ALL SHOP LOCAL SOLUTION FACILITATOR “A journey of customer service to achieve customer delight”
      • A goodwill based business which always grows with CUSTOMER LIFE CYCLE OPTIMIZATION.
      • He is looked up to as a local guide, philosopher and friend for any products or services and quickly picks up popularity.
      • Once a customer always a customer for up to 500 services x few 100s of product verticals x few hundreds of Brands and hence the needs always grows.
      • For excellent services provided he will always be admired among local population and among the national level players wanting to launch any new product or services.
  • 10. How much amount payable and what are the documents required to get T Seva franchise?
    • Submitting Application, ID Proof, Address Proof & DD of Rs.1000 for Major Panchayat, Rs.1500 for Mandal level, Rs.2000 for municipality and Rs.2500 for Corporation towards Processing fee. Applicants need to pay non refundable franchise registration fee as described below.
      Major Panchayat - Rs.15,000
      Mandal - Rs.35,000
      Municipality - Rs.50,000
      Corporation - Rs.60,000
  • 11. What the types of income from T Seva centre?
    • Income opportunity from utility bill payments, providing services, products booking, delivery and pickup and also by forwarding the service requests to the other T Seva when required.
  • 12. Is it compulsory to be the office in ground floor?
    • Its preferable to have T Seva setup at ground floor, If there is unavailability of the suitable premises in ground floor in the desired area then you can select First floor also which will convenient to customers.
  • 13. How many T Seva centres can be permitted in area?
    • Major Panchayat- 1
      Mandal Level -2
      District/ Municipality / Corporation – Area wise one T Seva
  • 14. Is there any Branding for T Seva centre setup model?
    • Yes, T Seva centre setup should done be as per the brand model/design provided by the Franchiser.
  • 15. Do we use the same premises where we running the other franchise/business?
    • Yes, T Seva centre setup should done be as per the brand model/design provided by the Franchiser. But Franchisee is not permitted to run the other business activity in T Seva premises
  • 16. Do you provide the revenue related certificates directly from T Seva?
    • We don't Provide revenue related services, but these services will be handled by the approved and registered / collaborated merchants/ Service providers at respective T Seva area.
  • 17. Is T Seva will provide the monthly salaries to the employees or rent of the T Seva franchises?
    • No, Franchiser will not have any responsibility of the employees hired by Respective T Seva Franchise has to pay the salaries to their employees from their income.
  • 18. Is T Seva provides any local advertisement through media or news papers?
    • Franchiser will coordinate with the franchises for the Campaign of advertisements on sharing basis. Franchiser will provide standard promotional activity through online/Digital as on when required. Franchise has to take care, local campaign or advertisements on its own cost.
  • 19. Is T Seva provides any kinds of stationary like visiting cards, pamphlets or banners/flexes?
    • Franchiser will provide standard design/formats of stationary like visiting cards, pamphlets, posters, name boards etc as on when required. Franchise has to take care about printing.
  • 20. Is T Seva provides any training for the employees of T Seva franchise?
    • Yes, we do provide training for the T Seva franchisee employees by direct sessions or online classes.
  • 21. Is there any backup support for the customer service or franchise service?
    • Yes, we will have customer care and franchise support team.
  • 22. What is the percentage we get by the services? We need exact percentage?
    • Percentage or commission structure will be disclosed only after empanelment of the local merchant’s tie-ups/service providers.
  • 23. There some people who are already providing some services, so what’s new in T Seva?
    • T Seva is single hub for all the type of services and products at customer door steps and having a network throughout the telangana which provide the maximum number of services by the help of the merchants.
  • 24. How much time it will take to launch T Seva If I entered into agreement?
    • 30 to 45 days from the date of inspection and approval of the proposed site for T Seva.
  • 25. Why should we add merchants? What is your contribution in adding merchants?
    • T Seva franchise is having better idea about the local merchants and individual professionals. It’s the responsibly of T Seva franchise to add the qualified professionals or merchants to their respective T Seva. However franchiser will help franchises by Providing the major merchants and service providers.
  • 26. What is the Process of T Seva Franchisee ?
    • 1) Submitting Application, ID, Address Proof & DD of Rs.1000 for Major Panchayat, Rs.1500 for Mandal level, Rs.2000 for municipality     and Rs.2500 for Corporation towards Processing fee.
      2) Agreement& Registration fee payment to Reserve the location.
      3) Orientation about T Seva centre setup.
      4) Premises selection, Inspection and aproval of the site.
      5) Firm Registration and opening current account.
      6) T SEVA Setup as per the brand model/design provided.
      7) Manpower recruitment as per the location.
      8) T SEVA Campaigning in local area to collect customers & Merchants data.
      9) T SEVA Inspection,on approval T SEVA Franchise ID Creation.
      10) Training the operators, Inaguration & Launching the T SEVA Services.